Digital Eye Strain

Most of us spend significant amounts of time on digital devices, including our computers at work and our smartphones throughout the day.

The convenience and enjoyment of these devices can be offset by eye discomfort, many of us experience. Long periods of uninterrupted use of computers, smartphones or tablets can cause eye strain and even pose danger to eye health through emission of blue light and accommodative stress.

Reduced blink rates is one of the important factors. We generally blink 1/3rd as often, when starting at the screen. Patients are advised to make a conscious effort to blink and use the “20 -20 -20 method, Every 20mins to look 20ft away for 20 secs.

*Long hours at a computer, smartphone and tablets can exacerbate dry eye symptoms.

*Many people working on computers for long hours are dehydrated, they are advised to drink plenty of fluids and to avoid caffeine or alcohol.

*Computers and other digital devices are visually demanding tasks, particularly when they are used for long periods of time. When device use increases, it can create a tipping point for a lot of otherwise undetected issues.

The range of patients effected is extensive and growing. We find children with binocular vision issues and above 40 patients exacerbating dry eye.

Please contact your Eye Care Practitioner for complete support / info.

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