Role: Customer Success Manager

Location: Chennai

About OiC Apps

OiC Apps started in 2016 as a virtual makeover solutions provider and evolved further to become a Retail transformation platform. As a team, we passionately engage with a minimalistic and simple approach towards the practical problems faced by the retail industry. As a customer focussed company we are always help our valuable customers round the clock, we are equipped with a robust support team which connects with them through a variety of channels.

Founded by Mr.Vasan Sowriraja, IIT Madras alumni OICapps is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adhyas Software Private Limited. The core team includes Gokul Rangarajan a Alumnus of Freshdesk, Bigbasket, and GV Roa a Alumnus of Rayban, Akulooks

What are our products

  • An All-in-one CRM, POS single suite mobile application, for OutStore customer engagement
  • An Augmented Reality based Virtual 3D try-on, for enhanced InStore customer experience
  • An Integrated Inventory Management System, for managing store stocks and providing reports
  • Marketplace, a place to buy and sell inventories

About our culture

What's more, we are poised for scale and growth, which is why we need more talent like Yourself. We encourage shared learning and if you see yourself as someone who is good at picking up things... well, we are continuously using newer technologies and exploring all verticals of data business.

Check out more on us from our beta site www.oicapps.com