About OIC Shophub

  • OIC Shophub is where all the eyewear related products are displayed provided by multiple third parties.
  • This will enable the retail stores to view the products and place order
  • There will not be any payment gateway integration and it is completely up-to the retailer and wholesaler / brands.
  • The wholesaler will take care of fulfillment

Why OIC Marketplace?

For Brands

The Brands / Wholesaler finding it tough to reach the retail stores in tier 2 cities because

  • Limited number of stores
  • Affordable by very few retail stores
  • Increase in cost of travel
  • Payment Collection

For Retailers

  • Have access for the Branded Inventory
  • Show digital inventory to customers and place order
  • Reduce Sunk Inventory


What products can be bought through OIC Marketplace?

  • Frames & Sunglasses.

Are there other product categories being planned for?

  • Accessories


How do I create a user account?

  • Sign up from the OiCApps.com and start using it.
  • Download our android app from playstore and register.

User verification, credibility

Why am I asked for various details while registering?

Is every user verified?


What am I charged for using OIC Marketplace?

  • No, Its free

If I am charged nothing now, what will I be charged in future?

  • For Marketplace, No.

Is there a security deposit I need to pay?

  • No.

Buying on OIC Marketplace

What are the costs involved with joining?

  • Market place is free.

What type of products are available?

  • Frames and Sunglasses

What if you don’t have one of my Suppliers on your network?

  • The retailer can ask the supplier to join OiCApps.com

How do you select Suppliers?

  • There is a filter to chose the Brands